The Biz Minded Muses Podcast

Episode: 029: Riding the Work Load Roller Coaster -Balancing Work and Life Tips

March 31, 2017

Episode 29:  Riding the Work Load Roller Coaster - Balancing Work and Life Tips

hosted by Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography (see links and more detailed info on our website, )

Grab your tickets, it's time for the rollercoaster.  

Joking aside, being a sole entrepreneur can be a bit tricky, especially if your arena of skill is seasonal.  The biggest challenge to nail down is your full weekly/monthly budget, and to plan with it.  

Here's some recommnedations for the Slow and Busy Seasons...

When the season is SLOW... (here's 5 of the 17 mentioned on the podcast, the full list is on  

1.  Re-strategize yuour marketing efforts

2. Re-evaluate your budget

3.  Decide what the next investments are (new tools, new computer, software, etc.)

4. Update your out reach effors such as your website.

5. Touch base with clients (and vendors) for feedback.  

When the season is BUSY... (Here's 4 of 7 tips mentioned on the podcast)

1. Learn to say NO and know your limitations

2. Hire additional help.

3. Find aps that save you time in communication, project management, invoicing, etc. (recommended aps are stated on the biz minded muses website. )

4. Chunk your work to maintain focus


Other ideas...  Ask for feedback from clients through email, surveys or questionaires, online forms, etc. and follow up with good habbits like Thank you notes!