The Biz Minded Muses Podcast

Episode 28: How to Deal with P.I.T.A. clients

February 15, 2017

How to Deal with P.I.T.A. (Pain in the A** ) Clients 

P.I.T.A stands for Pain In The Ass
1.  Identifying what are the differnet types of PITA's

-  Asking for extras for free
-  Over communicate (such as those that may tell you their life story because they have nothing to do)
-  Don't communicate/vague
-  Nit pick
-  Kill you with kindness
-  Last minute Larry
2.  Best ways to deal with PITA's
-  Have an explicit contract to sign with every client
-  Write out your policies and send them with the contract
-  Keep detailed records and even phone calls should have some kind of email or notes in writing

-  Make sure your staff and managers are on the same page with policies and make sure they are visible to clients/customers albeit on a receipt, sign behind the checkout counter or on a "policy" page of your website